R Squared Innovations, LLC

Providers of custom software, Cloud, Virtual Private Cloud, Database, custom hardware (IoT) and Robotics.


The Trouble with Talent

History Several years ago, R Squared Innovations created a cloud based advertising system.  This allowed our clients to connect any HDMI display to our device.  The content is created remotely and we are able to schedule up to the minute what the display would show.  We also allowed to the screen to be partitioned and […]

ESP8266 on AWS IoT – yes you can!

If you read my posts then you know how serious I am about security.  I also happen to love the ESP8266 for IoT, and I use the AWS for IoT.  I think have been told about a hundred times that the ESP8266 won’t work on AWS IoT.  A fair statement based on the fact the ESP8266 […]

Machine Learning and IOT

No doubt you have heard the term “Machine Learning”.  Normally tied with this you hear about a Data Scientist.  Anytime you see “Scientist” that seems pretty impressive, expensive, and complex! IOT(Internet of Things) is included because you really need data.  Depending on what you are doing a considerable amount of data. Of course, the  IOT […]